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Blue Cross Blue Shield,

Evernorth (Cigna),

First Choice Health,

MT DPHHS Medicaid,

United Behavioral Health Care

& Triwest.

"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen."

Brené Brown

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Springs play a vital role in the health and longevity of our planet. A spring is formed by groundwater flowing out and becoming surface water. They can give us insight into the earth's health, can be a result of recycled water and they produce some of the most pristine fresh water.


Counseling, much like springs, can bring what is underneath to the surface making way for health, insight, renewal, healing, and growth. My mission is to help provide the tools and space for this process to occur so that people can live their best life.

Mara Thornberg, MA, LPC, LCPC
Psychotherapy Service

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I provide online therapy services to teens and adults in the states of Montana and Texas. My aim is to provide a safe, non-judgmental place to address general well-being and issues resulting from the traumatic effects of abuse, neglect, combat, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, and other adverse life circumstances.  ​I utilize a client centered, holistic brain and body approach in my sessions. Research shows that life experiences can have both psychological and physiological impacts on your life, so I believe it is important to focus on both during our sessions together.

I use my training and experience to meet your unique challenges and needs. I incorporate many different techniques to create a custom combination of tools, ideas, support, and guidance that continue to grow and change as you continue to grow and change. ​

I also offer Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR). EMDR provides bilateral stimulation for the brain and body to work through adverse and traumatic memories so that the toxic emotional residue can be neutralized and cease to control one’s neurological response system.

Counseling Session

Intake Evaluation

$150/ 45 Minutes
$200/60 Minutes

Initial appointment to gather information about you and your background while you learn more about the services available to you and your rights as a client.

Counseling Session

Individual Session 

$150/ 45 Minutes
$200/60 Minutes

Process in which clients work one-on-one with trained mental health clinician in a safe and confidential environment. 

Counseling Session

Family or Parent Session

$150/ 45 Minutes
$200/60 Minutes

Helps parents ask questions about their child's goals, what they are working on, progress and identify ways to support their child.

Now accepting Aetna, Allegiance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna/Evernorth, First Choice Health, MT DPHHS Medicaid, United Health Care/United Behavioral Health Care and Triwest. If I do not accept your current insurance, you may request a superbill for possible reimbursement from your insurance.


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Mara Thornberg, LPC, LCPC

Mara Thornberg, MA, LPC, LCPC
Psychotherapy Service

About Me

I am a Licensed Counselor in the state of Texas (LPC) and Montana (LCPC). I served 4 years in the New Mexico National Guard while obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Family Studies with a minor in Military Science from University of New Mexico (2014). I discovered a lot about myself, and my patterns of connection through these experiences, which improved the quality of my relationships and my overall health. I knew I wanted to help other people achieve the same increased quality of life. Upon graduation, I served 4 years on active duty in the U.S. Army at Fort Bragg. Shortly after, I completed my Masters of Arts in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor (2019).  

I have experience in early childhood development centers, elementary school counseling, residential treatment for teens, clinical treatment and equine assisted psychotherapy with children, teens and adults. I am comfortable working with diverse backgrounds due to my personal, educational and work life experiences. 

In my free time, I enjoy crafting, hiking, traveling, and spending time with horses, my family and dogs.

Licensure & Training


Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council


Montana Board of Behavioral Health

Texas Licensure 

  • Licensed Professional Counselor, License #: 83681

Montana Licensure 

  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, License #: BBH-LCPC-LIC-55425


I have additional specialized training in Natural Lifemanship Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (NL-EAP), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), NSM, trauma and sandtray therapy. 

Common Queries

All the Answers You Seek, In One Place.

Have a question you’d like to ask? I’m committed to giving clients the best care and experience I can. There’s no such thing as a bad question when it comes to mental health. Check out the answers to the FAQs below, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any additional questions.

How long does each therapy session take?

A typical office session is 45 minutes long. This can be longer or shorter depending on individual needs.

How often do we meet?

Typically, we will start with weekly sessions and scale up or down as needed. However, this may vary case by case.

How much do sessions cost?

Prices vary by time. Online sessions ($150/45 min or $200/60 min); Family sessions with or without client ($150/45 min or $200/60 min). 

Do you accept insurance?

I am currently accepting Aetna, Allegiance, BCBS, Cigna/Evernorth, First Choice Health, MT DPHHS Medicaid, UHC/UBH and Triwest. If you do not see your current insurance provider, you may request a superbill for your account and submit a request for reimbursement from your insurance. 

What populations do you serve?

I work with teens and adults from diverse backgrounds.  

Do you work with the LGBTQ+ community?

Yes. I believe it is important for everyone to have a safe, non-judgemental space. 

Will counseling work for me?

Counseling often has benefits, and counseling may help to make positive changes in feelings, behaviors, and personal relationships. Counseling requires active participation and application outside of therapy to be effective. However, there is no guarantee that you will experience these benefits. Counseling also has potential risks. Effective counseling may involve discussing unpleasant events or thoughts, and you may feel sadness, guilt, anger, frustration, or other strong emotions. Some people feel that counseling did not help them or, in rare situations, made things worse. Therapy may affect relationships with family members and friends. You can and should share any of these concerns with your counselor. You can stop receiving counseling services at any time.

How many sessions will it take?

There is not a one size fits all when it comes to the quantity of sessions. The amount of sessions will vary from person to person depending on individual needs, and goals.

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Locations of Online Services:

Montana and Texas


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